Wednesday, March 4, 2020

New Album!!!

Bassist, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Eric Klerks, MFA is proud to announce his latest project and album, Meditations For Solo Double Bass. An alumnus of the critically acclaimed groups Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band and Frank Zappa’s Grandmothers of Invention among many others, Eric has spent the past two decades performing for audiences around the world.

The culmination of years of study, growth and development, Meditations For Solo Double Bass combines beautiful melodies, entrancing ambient drones, soothing loops, and deep grounding frequencies designed specifically for mediation and healing.  

Meditations For Solo Double Bass taps into Eric’s roots as a student of both North Indian Master Musician Ali Akbar Khan and jazz legend Charlie Haden. In his hands, the massive double bass can transform into an orchestra, summon the sounds of the natural world, and so much more. The album is currently streaming on all major platforms and available physically.

In his acclaimed live workshops, Eric shares a brief history of the double bass; discusses the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of low frequency sound healing; and creates a profound meditative sound experience that is simultaneously deeply relaxing, stimulating and engaging.

Eric is currently developing a follow-up album, coaching private students, and booking performances and workshops across North America, the UK and Europe.

Streaming links for Meditations For Solo Double Bass can be found here.

To order a physical, Deluxe Edition CD, send an email to

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