The key to developing and nurturing healthy relationships, whether personal or business, is empathy.

Are you truly listening to your partner? Your employees? Your friends? Your clients and customers?

We live in a time where technology makes us more connected than ever; why do so many of us feel isolated? How often do you talk face to face with your friends and neighbors? When was the last time you engaged with the checker at the grocery store or the server at your favorite restaurant? How about your last online client?

Developing empathy means improving communication, developing active listening practices and building your skills as a storyteller. Empathy allows us to build stronger, deeper relationships with our friends, family and clients.

The best news for your business? Empathy doesn't cost a thing.


Eric has spent the last twenty years as both a performer and owner/manager in the music industry. Having travelled all over the world and collaborated with artists, agents and management at all levels, Eric brings a unique and refreshing perspective to clients seeking to expand their performance, speaking and managerial skills.


Sessions are 1-3 hours, depending on the needs of the client.
Private, one-on-one session:
Private, group session (2-5 people):
Workshop (6-20 people):
Seminar (20+ people):

Engagements outside of Southern California also require transportation and lodging to be paid.

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