EK Custom 8-string Guitar:

Designed over a year-long period, this instrument was hand-built by me at the West Hills Wood shop in Southern California. It was completed in August, 2017. This first prototype was intended to address my specific requirements as a musician.

Neck/Fretboard: Bolt-on 2-piece Pau Ferro w/ carbon fiber reinforcement rods
Frets: 24 stainless steel jumbo w/ zero fret
Side dots: Swarovski crystal rhinestones
Headless string clamps: T4M
Scale: 28"
Body: Semi-hollow 1-piece spruce w/ 1/4" ambrosia maple top
Finish: Wudtone Amber Gloss
Pickups: Custom Vintage Vibe Charlie Christian
Electronics: Vol, Tone, 3-way switch
Headless Bridge: CSL/Sophia w/ custom 8-string baseplate
Tuning: EBEADGbe
String Gauges: .0095"-.085"

Gear I use regularly and/or endorse:

Lone Wolf Audio- Xenomorph pedal

Sonoma Wire Works- Guitar Jack Stage iOS interface

Jericho Guitars- Fusion 8-string

ZT Amplifiers- Lunchbox and Club amps

ESO Straps

Italia Leather Straps

Stringjoy Guitar Strings

Vintage Vibe Pickups

Other gear I use:

Thor Custom Headless Bass
Custom Jazz Bass
EMG pickups

Schertler Pub 2/280
'64 Gibson Skylark

D'Andrea Picks
Picks and Stones Amber Plectrums
Dean Markley Bass Strings
DR Bass Strings