Thursday, April 13, 2017

Movies, Records, Gigs and more...

The last year or so has been full of transitions. The end of the Grandmothers and an uncertain future for the Magic Band effectively closed a chapter in my life as a touring musician. I'm still touring with the incredible Hamed Nikpay- we played some memorable shows in Canada, Dubai and the USA last year- and I look forward to continuing with him. The Magic Band played what was apparently it's final show at Zappanale in Germany last July, which was a wonderful experience as always.

Meanwhile, I've been working on several new projects. I've participated in a number of recording sessions for different artists and I'll announce those records as they're released. I'll also be touring with some of those artists. Again, details as they become official. I also spent several months writing orchestrations for a feature length animated film, Bunyan And Babe, which is out now.

Finally, I've been working on my own projects. First is a jazz/rock/soul band called Western State, which is a collaboration with my dear friends Zoe Poledouris and Angel Roche. We'll have an EP out in May along with concerts in the near future. I'm also writing music for a trio project, as well as music in the Magic Band vein to feature some special guests; I hope to have everything recorded by the end of the year. I'm building a new 8-string guitar specifically for this music, which should be interesting.

As always, I continue to offer private lessons in Los Angeles and via Skype/Facetime. Please visit the Lessons page for more information.

Thanks for checking in, please visit the Concerts page for the latest dates!

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