Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2016 News!

A few announcements:

- From my Facebook page: "Received an email on Thursday from the Grandmothers of Invention; they've decided to continue as a trio and my services are no longer needed. I'm thankful to have met so many fans and friends during my tenure, and I hope to continue to work with Frank's music in other capacities in the future!" Thanks to everyone who has expressed their support during this time, it's appreciated.

- After a wonderful reception in the UK, The Magic Band is working on booking more concerts, specifically in the UK and Europe. Watch this space in the coming days for more information.

- Western State, a new Los Angeles-based project, is recording an EP and working on soundtrack material for a film. More info to come...

- I'm currently writing music for a new project, featuring members of The Magic Band. Look for a late Summer release.

- Finally, I'd like to highly recommend Italia Leather Straps. Handcrafted in California, these are custom straps of the highest quality and are extremely comfortable. I'm using my custom Nero/Rosso fixed-length straps on my Jericho Guitars Fusion 8-string exclusively.

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned!


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