Thursday, October 3, 2013

Magic Band Tour and Live Album

It's been a quiet Summer for the Magic Band, which has enabled me to work on my own record as well as collaborating with some great musicians, including Rafe Pearlman, William Close and the Earth Harp, Sky Mansion and many others.  Now, The Magic Band are preparing for another tour of Europe and the UK in November and December!  This time we're joined by Andrew Niven, a phenomenal drummer and great friend.  Visit the Concerts page for the full details.

Also, final mixing and mastering is underway for the new Magic Band live album, recorded at Chelsea Under The Bridge in London.  Details, including the official release date and links to purchase will be coming soon!

Thanks for checking in and I'll see you on the road!



  1. Hi Eric

    A question about the current Magic Band tour :

    what is the guitar you use in Doctor Dark, this is beast of a composition how did you learn it ?

    How many different tunings do you use in a set ?

    thanks for your playing and performance



  2. Hi Luther, thanks for your questions.

    For Doctor Dark, I use my main stage guitar; a special edition Fender Jaguar from their Classic Player series. Denny and I are both in standard tuning.

    It took me a few weeks to learn Doctor Dark; it would have taken much longer but I had access to Zoot's isolated guitar track from the Decals recoding session. I try to work with the separated tracks whenever possible. There are many nuances in the parts which get buried in the overall mix, and hearing the isolated guitar gives me a pretty good picture of where the parts are being played on the instrument. Beyond that, it's just a matter of memorizing the form of the piece as one would memorize a piece of classical music. As is often the case in Beefheart's music, the drums and bass are frequently playing in different time signatures and/or keys. We lock in at certain points in the song so knowing where we all meet is helpful in live performance in case the stage sound is sub-par.

    Regarding tunings, I use standard, open G, open A and drop D depending on the song.

    Thanks and all the best,